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What is Yoga and why is it beneficial to you?

Yoga is the union of mind and body, through breath. There are 8 limbs of yoga of which two are mostly practised in the west. These are; the postural work and meditation. Over time in the west, postural  work in Yoga has evolved into many forms. Although, the postures are all the same, regardless of the format, speed, breath and flow varies.
It is beneficial to all ages, because it strengthens bones, joints and improves flexibility. It tones and therefore helps in weight loss. It is the best form of exercise because it weight trains, using the bodies own weight bearing capability, it is aerobic and can be isometric and ballistic. The breath work impacts psychological processes, reducing anxiety, alleviating depression and inducing calm. As the body grows stronger and more able, it can help to bring confidence, raise self awareness, strengthen spirituality and enhance empathy into ones life. One other benefit of yoga, is pre and post operative rehabilitation.

Pricing for 1-2-1

These classes are 75 mins in length and will include warm up, postural work, cool down and meditation and a single class is £35. If you purchase a course of 10 classes in advance you save £70.

Timetable of Classes 

Live classes on Tuesdays, 6pm -7pm at Diamondz Dance Studio, Pode Hole, Spalding.

£30 for 4 lessons (paid in advance).
£10 for one off lessons (pay on arrival).

Online Classes:
7pm -8pm: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
10am – 11am: Saturday

If you attend the live class, the online classes are free. You can join, one or all of the online classes.
For £20 per month you can do one or all the online classes.