Many of you may think what a strange question this is, and I suppose it is hard to imagine a localised injury could travel and be felt as pain elsewhere. This video illustrates how this is possible. It may help for you to watch the video, read the text and then re watch the video, so it makes better sense.

It implies a connection that is true of all the fibres in the human body, not just bones, that are connected at joints. I spoke about it in a previous blog (Is that stiff upper lip, the reason behind why today, anxiety is your daily companion?) in which I introduced the concept of connective tissue or fascia. It helps if you have some understanding of human anatomy, but even if you do not I am going to try to explain in as simple a way as I can:

The continuity of the connective tissue is its greatest asset, and it is possibly one of the reasons why Reflexology, for example, is so efficient in its ability to stimulate circulation and nerve flow.

Having established the fact that the head is connected to the toe via the body’s fascia (connective tissue) why would a stub to the toe trigger a headache? Truthfully, in a large number of people the worst that might happen is a localised bruise and a swelling, but impact produces energy, and that energy can travel. I suspect again in many cases its trajectory might end at the knee joint, causing a few problems there, but left untreated, this can migrate up the fascial thread until it finds weakness and who knows if that travels as far as the membranes of the skull, it could theoretically end up as a persistent headache.

Anyone who works by manipulating structures in the body tends to search for the origin of a persistent complaint referred to as a lesion (e.g the toe stub). Many a time treating the origin is sufficient, but if more needs doing, then following the line of connective tissue irregularity can begin to unravel the problems being held within the body.

The thing to understand is that the body is a beautiful vehicle for life, it has been made most miraculously and so practically as to contain the information for its own healing or by someone skilled enough to sense how to follow the messages any pain or irregularity can convey. Between nutrition, movement, bodywork and positive psychology one has the tools to ensure a wonderful and fulfilled life, free of pain and angst and the means to enjoy an existence that can achieve so much that is good.

The fact that from head to toe you are connected by a common thread, capable of picking up energy, relaying information from body to brain and vice versa, please understand that that is why, you are what you think, you are what you eat, you become a reflection of how you behave and so on. Being the best version of yourself is achieved to some extent by understanding the nature of your connective tissue, particularly as it relates to certain examples of physical pain, emotional trauma, and mental well-being.